Dear Brookstone Customers:
Recently there have been public comments concerning the Brookstone Frog-O-Sphere.
Frog-O-Sphere has generated an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. Thousands of people have adopted these amazing mini-ecosystems and welcomed their pet frogs into their homes and classrooms.
While we respect the right of all groups to express their views, we at Brookstone are happy that Frog-O-Sphere is bringing the joy of pet ownership to families and students across the country, and will continue to offer Frog-O-Sphere.
Brookstone provides all our staff and customers with detailed care instructions for our frogs, and have designated at least one Frog-O-Sphere specialist in each store to ensure that frogs receive proper care.
We thank everyone for their interest, enthusiasm and purchases of Frog-O-Spheres, and hope that you both enjoy owning your new pets and use Frog-O-Sphere as a starting point for learning about life in ecosystems.
Brookstone Customer Service